Crash Course on DOE for Sales & Marketing (2 days) In-house Only


See a related article called "A Crash Course on DOE for Sales & Marketing" by Mark Anderson in the December 2007 Stat-Teaser newsletter.

Quickly identify those factors which affect your sales and marketing results. Learn how they interact and apply that knowledge to make breakthrough increases in sales and profits. All of this is possible with design of experiments (DOE), a statistical method that initially led to huge yields in the field of agriculture, and later to vast improvements in industrial processes. Now you can put that knowledge to work for you!

Examples of how to use DOE in sales and marketing have been few and far between. While there’s no shortage of experts on how to use DOE, they tend to come out of the physical sciences and often have trouble translating the ideas for business purposes. This can really slow down corporate efforts to introduce systematic improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, lean, and quality improvement in a sales & marketing environment. After eight years of intensive research on applying DOE to sales and marketing, the presenter, Dr. Paul Selden, has uncovered dozens of examples proving that this powerful tool can yield tens of millions of dollars by identifying what appeals most to customers and by eliminating expensive traditional practices that prove ineffective.

Illustration of Breakthrough Interaction in Sales & Marketing
The effect of increasing advertising space from ¼ to ½ page is to increase sales. But that effect leads to explosive growth when coupled with the previously hidden power of a change in headline!

The “Crash Course on DOE for Sales & Marketing” provides a fast and practical introduction to the use of experimental design in a non-industrial setting. Dr. Selden is uniquely qualified to simplify the statistical aspects of DOE, thus making it very approachable for sales and marketing teams. Paul will start by presenting the basic concepts of determining cause and effect in sales and marketing, then outline a general strategy for setting up a DOE. He then reviews precursers to the multi-factor DOE such as time-series designs and methods based on statistical process control (SPC), with special emphasis on how they relate to A/B split testing and the analysis of how much variation is present in your current results. He shows you how to apply multi-factor screening designs in a practical way to reveal important sales and marketing factors when the potential number is large. Experts from Stat-Ease will be on hand to demonstrate how the right software makes it easier to lay out the experiment, do all the number-crunching, and, via the liberal use of graphics, make the statistical analysis easier to digest and the final results even more compelling. Throughout the workshop, all points are made with examples, examples, and more examples—all drawn from sales and marketing!

The “Crash Course on DOE for Sales & Marketing” workshop has been developed from the ground up to demystify statistical design of experiments. It’s recommended for anyone seeking a systematic approach to testing what works and what doesn’t for improving sales and marketing practices.

Course Syllabus

This course is not offered publicly. If you are interested in scheduling a private, "Crash Course on DOE for Sales & Marketing" workshop, please e-mail Elicia at or call her at 612.746.2038.

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